• 07Sep

    Laterally, bistro is a small restaurant. A restaurant is a place where both drinks and food are served hand in hand. There are various factors which can be used to categorize or things to look for to categorize a place as a bistro:

    • The area coverage of the whole business premises
    • The number of workers
    • The type of services
    • The type of drinks and food served.

    The first factor is used to determine the size of the business premises: A bistro is said to be small in size than a hotel or a restaurant. For a simpler naming it is a small restaurant.

    Number of staff: It is assumed that due to the size, a bistro cannot serve many customers at a time therefore, there is less staff.

    Types of services in a bistro: Less and they are not defined. This means that it is only the major services of waiter and the customer.

    Food and drinks: The premise is limited to common drinks and food. It may also serve specific drink and nothing more. People are not allowed to make food orders like it happens in hotels and restaurant.


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